For over 20 years, Chris, Lisa & Art have worked together serving the finest builders in New England.  Most of those years we operated from a small industrial park located on Delaware Drive in Salem Nh.
We were a well kept secret during those years on Delaware Drive, serving the finest builders from Ashland Ma. to Quechee Vt. as well as many local ones.  We opened our new store in 2008 to better serve our builders and to offer our
services to the general public. 

 We already have so much repeat business from our retail customers and are very grateful to them. Since we work with so may new home builders we decided to keep our pricing down which prevents us from
running sales.  We do little to no advertisement but rely on word of mouth and competive pricing.

      From Left:  Chris, Sam, Joe & Lisa ....Photographer :  Art
Conor Is a hockey player with a full set of teeth. What does that tell you?
Lisa is a dance instructor in Haverhill. She had Channing Cook as a student.
Joe performs stunt shows with his baby motorcycle. In his off time he manages the company
Sam is the owners son. He is good looking and an ice cream junkie.
Hannah is Arts daughter and does whatever she wants
Bird is our wharehouse manager
Chris is our accounts manager
Ryan has 20 years experience with cabinet designing and works with Sam
Art like most owners blames the economy for his golfing handicap going up.