Wear warrantees are somewhat meaningless.  In the case of carpets they do not wear out they ugly out. Some of the cheapest floorings  will have the greatest wear warranty.  How well a carpet maintains its "original" appearance is what matters.

What is important are the wear ratings done on most carpets. The ratings from 0-5 gives an accurate assessment as to what to expect from your carpet.  It rates how well the carpet retains its new look.

No one can be sure how well a carpet will wear without the wear rating of that carpet.  Most of our carpets on display have a wear rating. Some do not because they are new and have yet to be tested.  Others like wool do not need them.  Wools wear
gracefully and are what other fibers such as nylon and polyester are trying to imitate.

A wear rating is derived by testing a carpet by walking on it 10-20 thousand times then comparing that carpet to a section that
has not been walked on.  The carpet is given a rating between 0 and 5.

3.25  we consider an average wear rating. 
3.50  we consider above average    
3.75 and aove is off the charts  
3.00 and below should not be used in high traffic areas   
What makes a carpet stand up to traffice is determined by the quality of the fibers making up that carpet.  Factors like density,
twist, heat setting, face weight, style, type of fibers, and padding all play a part. 
Another important factor is the maintenance of the carpet. 
Proper steam cleaning and daily vacuuming can be critical to carpets used in high traffic areas.


How to know if the carpet you selected will wear well?