Ceramic Tile is tile that's manufactured with clay

Before you tile your floor, see if the underlayment needs to be replace or rescrewed.  If the underlayment isn't secured or not set properly, the tile will crack / come loose over time.  For more info on underlaments, click here.

When tiling, the grout is important.  The grout makes up 30% of the floor strength which holds the tile in place and seals the gap inbetween the tiles.  We use and stock the Laticrete Permacolor which is as close to epoxy grout as you can get, but is better than regular sanded grout.  Check out our Laticrete grout page for more info.

Our showroom displays a wide variety of domestic and imported tiles. We also display a higher quality of tile ranging from ceramic, porcelain, and stone.  Brand names you may recognize like Dal, Arley, Florida, American Olean and others you may not.  We have plenty of stone, slate, granite and marble with the best installers that come with our lifetime installation warranty.