The big box stores and national chains do not boast about their installers. They sub out their work out to a company that subs out their work.  Just look into the reviews from their customers. The better installers work for independent stores that have local owners who care about them as well as you the customer.  Ask a chain store who their installers are and they will not have a clue.

Did you know installers are not licensed?  There is little or no recourse for a bad installation.  A few tiles that are a bit higher than others, an inferior grout job, a bad carpet seam, poor racking patterns when installing wood,  vinyl floor put in a little crooked or a bad layout all describe a poor installation.  These are just a few of the problems you can have with little or no recourse.

Here at Instock Flooring most of us  are former installers.  We installed floors for many years and maintained high standards.  We appreciate the talents of our truly gifted installers. We have kept only the very best over our 20+ years in business.  We know our installers and we can vouch for their character and their workmanship. 
Nothing means more to us than a returning customer.   This is why we guarantee all our installations for life! 


Pricing, especially in these times, means a lot.  It is how every store tries to attract new customers, but keeping a customer is another matter. Trust, service, price, but most importantly the quality of  installation separates a good customer experience from a bad one.  In the end, it is all about the installation.
Which company you choose to do your flooring is critical.  You need to know the truth about the installers being sent to your home. Unfortunately, most customers will not recognize an inferior installation until  the job is completeted.