If you are a new homeowner and coming to our store your builder has given you an allowance for your flooring and/ or cabinets. Typically this allowance gets you to an entry level. For the most expensive homes, the allowance may include hardwood for much of the home with tile in the bathrooms, laundry, mudroom. For the average home, carpet and vinyl may be your allowance. Whether it is tile and hardwood, or vinyl and carpet as your standard, there are good reasons to upgrade. The richness and beauty of your home are mainly determined by what covers the plywood. With cabinets inset doors will be a significant upgrade.  If you like painted cabinets you should upgrade to a higher quality line. Some choices must be made now or it will be very expensive later. So here are some tips to consider before moving ahead.

Master bath shower tops our list.  Having a ceramic or stone master bath shower can be the most enjoyable place
to look forward to after a long day.  The Jacuzzi looks inviting but seldom gets used.  The shower is always used and deserves more consideration.   Larger is better and two shower heads are better than one. This is one area you should not skimp out on.  A seat and corner shelves should be considered.  Other than cabinets, designing a ceramic shower is what takes up most of your time when making selections.

Radiant heat in the Master bath...If you suffer from cold feet then this is a must with a ceramic or stone floor. Otherwise you will be covering the tile with throw rugs or towels and never know the joy of a heated floor. It is too late to add this on later unless you want to rip up and redo the tile.  The cost of running radiant heat is surprisingly low.
Up hall. If carpet is your allowance for the up hall and bedrooms you may want to upgrade to hardwood in the up hall. Many customers come back to us a year or two later and have us rip up the carpet to install hardwood. There is not too much footage so it should not cost that much to do hardwood there.  When you have hardwood in the up hall and carpets in the bedrooms you can later change a single bedroom without having to do the whole upstairs.

Stair runners.  If you have hardwood stairs, consider a carpet stair runner.  It is a safety concern. 

Ceramic tile on a diagonal pattern always looks better but cost more.

Carpet padding.  Pet urine can ruin a carpet.  Our visco pad with "Stain Master"  have enzymes that will control that problem.  Our standard pad is a 6 lb rebond that does the job.  Upgrading from a standard pad adds comfort and performance to a carpet

Consider Upgrading