Stock & Specials
We stock A full assortment of colors called “Star Struck, which is a 32 oz solution dyed  polyester selling at $1.85 sq ft.  This is our #1 selling carpet which is why we stock the full line.
We stock an entry grade level of carpet in three colors called “Solutions which is a 26.9 oz polyester selling at $1.25 sq ft
We stock Schluter Shower Niches    12x12  @$65                                                      12x20 @ $85                                                     12x28 @ $105
We fabricate and stock Our own Design of cambria in 3 colors to install inside our Shower Niches. This avoids using bullnose and unsightly grout lines to border the Niches creating a beautiful shower shelf that looks like a piece of furniture. This also creates more shelf space within the Niche. The sides and top are milled down and polished to ½” The bottom and mid shelf are ¾” standard.  The cost for a complete unit without the Niches $300 and well worth it!  At least do the bottom shelf which would cost $75  and be a great addition.
Shower with no fabrication
Shower with fabrication
We stock Schluter backerboard 4x8 @ $95 per sheet
We stock most Schluter products… curbs,shower trays, seats, bands, screws drains,  
We also keep in stock 5 colors Mont Royal ⅝” engineered wood Hardware for cabinets Schulter ditra as our primary underlayment for floor tile. ⅛”, ¼” All Tile Setting materials as well as a full line of premium grout “Permacolor Latticrete” as well as matching caulk Heavy stock of several types of carpet pad  3 Colors Cast porcelain tile 12x12 3 Colors Petra porcelain tile 12x12 johnsonite cove base 2 colors 26 oz commercial carpet transitions of all sorts ¼” multiply, durrock and other supplies
Cabinets Instock Flooring
Cabinets Instock Flooring
Stock & Specials
Some of our stock we got stuck with and offer them up at bargain prices.  Some of our stock is popular so we brought them in to offer at discounted prices Some of our stock such as sundries or supplies was brought in to offer high quality setting material for the do it yourselfer or installers. Always at competitive pricing.